We enable those who dare to dream.
We are a team of future-minded entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers, and investors working to create an open and decentralized world.
Be the driving force behind tech innovation for freedom
We build, invest in, and accelerate blockchain infrastructure and application projects to empower creators, users, and businesses.
ARPA Network is a permissionless threshold BLS network that serves as the infrastructure of verifiable random number generator (RNG), secure wallet, cross-chain bridge, decentralized custody etc.
Bella Protocol is a multi-chain liquidity powerhouse for Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Bella optimizes returns for everyday users and enhances quantitative strategies for professional users.
Incubating the
best ideas
We are long-term believers in crypto. Penrose Ventures backs bold founders and assists with product design, go-to-market strategy, and community growth plan.